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Today’s agent is non-stop, fast-paced, and working around the clock.

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Team-X gains access to high-quality real estate media services at a discounted rate. We offer a permanent 10% off on all listing media, including photography, videography, and 3D virtual tours. No cost to join, enjoy the rewards. Meet with us today.

Broker / Team Leader?

Team Leaders and Brokers also have the opportunity to build projects with FrameX. Ready to start a video podcast for the team? Increase your influence with us today.

Free Headshot

Someone on your team have an outdated headshot? Receive complimentary individual headshots for you and your team. If you’re a broker, your entire staff will be looking fresh by the time we’re through with them.



FrameX Studio is a proud affiliate of several local REALTOR® Associations. 

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